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TRYPOPHOBIA is a photographic and social project created to attract awareness on discrimination issues in society.

Being discriminated is being attacked, unseen, avoided. I represent those attacks by little dots on the skin. Those are the scars that you have to live with. They are painful at first, but someday they aren’t anymore. Those wounds tell a story, they say a lot about where you came from, but someday, if you’re lucky, those wounds will stop defining who you are and what your future will be, and you will use those powerful stories to make a turn and be the change.

But because your’e attacked, because you’re discriminated, you have to elevate your awareness about the world on a higher level. You have to ask yourself and answer questions that most people don’t. You can become the light, for yourself, and for others.

The trypophobia is described as the fear or the discomfort of seeing little holes next to each other. My trypophobia comes from my first and last mushroom experience. I had a really bad visual trip, and I felt this discomfort, this fear.

It was logical to call this project TRYPOPHOBIA because, like the condition, people feel discomfort when you show them your scars, your past and confront them to their own privileges.

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